Monday, April 21, 2014

recent happenings

Last week was Spring Break, you would think I would have managed to get a post out, but I didn't.  Mostly because if I was online, I used the ipad mini and I hate typing on that thing!

We spent most of the week at home.  Heath and I didn't have any set plans, we just played, cleaned, etc.  It was pretty nice until around Thursday when he started getting really clingy.  I think he had a little cold, so he didn't feel his best.  Poor guy is going on 9 weeks of breathing treatments.  Ugh!

A couple of weekends ago I hosted a baby shower for a friend that just adopted a precious little boy.  I was so happy to help celebrate such a great occasion.

Last Thursday Heath's daycare had an Easter egg hunt.  Even though he didn't go to daycare that week, we still went to the egg hunt.  It was just for the babies in his classroom.  He had fun crawling around.  He actually would pick up the eggs and put them in the basket.  Then I would move the basket to the next egg and he would crawl over to it.  We had a good time.

This past Saturday we moved Michael's mom into her new assisted living facility in Chattanooga.  I thought it was only going to take a couple of hours, but it took all day.  We were exhausted by the end. Heath even went to bed early.  We're hoping this place sticks for a while.  We have spent the last few weekends getting everything done.  We still will have to spend time next Saturday too.  I just want my weekends (and my life) back.  However, I think I just need to face facts that we have a new normal that includes Michael's mom being a big part of our everyday lives.  While she doesn't live with us, she's now living somewhere she doesn't know anyone besides us.  We Michael still has to take her to EVERY SINGLE doctor's appointment (and there are a lot) and he has to keep up with all of her finances, taxes, insurance, etc.  That man deserves saint status.  Every mother wishes they had a son like him!  He even does is it with minimum complaint (I say minimum, because there are times that get to him, which is only natural.)

Even though Saturday was not great, Sunday ended up being a good day.  We went to church and brought Michael's mom with us.  Then we went to brunch and since the weather was so nice, we sat outside.  We ran a few errands and dropped Michael's mom off.  Then we came home to rest, went to the grocery store, and I even squeezed in a run.  Overall, a great first Easter for Heath.

Tonight Michael and I are going to the Nickel Creek concert.  We are throwing caution to the wind by going to a concert on a work night.  A couple from our church are watching Heath for us.  I'm a little nervous that he won't go to sleep for them, but I think it will be ok.  It's the first time someone else has put him to bed.

Sorry for the lack of pictures, I just had to use what I had on my ipad.

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