Monday, March 24, 2014

everything comes at once

Does anyone else feel like everything comes at once?  I feel like Michael and I are in a constant cycle of nothing and then everything!

A couple of weeks ago we went to Memphis.  On the way there, we got calls about Michael's mom not doing well (mentally).  The one weekend we planned to be out of town.  Luckily, the assisted living place had things under control, but we still had to go back a day early so that Michael could go down there.  The same weekend, Heath got sick.  He had a terrible cough/cold.  We had to do breathing treatments and everything.  We have been battling with those two things ever since.  Heath was better for a little bit, but then had a fever and was feeling terrible again.  Then we found out that Michael's mom can not stay at her current location.  So, we are currently looking for new places.

I get so overwhelmed by it sometimes.  I actually had to take some time off from work to stay home with Heath, but instead of just getting to spend the time at home taking care of him, I carted him around town to look at assisted living/memory care facilities for Michael's mom.  Talk about feeling like mother of the year.

We are far from having everything settled, but we have some better ideas of what she will need next.  We just hope this place sticks for a while. We feel like every month she completely changes the type of care that she needs.  It's exhausting!!  (So is having a sick baby!)

Heath is finally on the mend, although we are still having to do breathing treatments twice a day.  (He ended up with an ear infection as well!)

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