Monday, January 6, 2014


I know it's customary to say, "Happy New Year," but I just can't lie like that.  I'm sure a lot of this year will be amazing, but when you know it's not going to start out great... it's hard to say.  I hope everyone else is having a happy new year.  We aren't miserable, but it's not the new start that most people seek in January.  2014 is beginning much like it ended.  I was telling Michael that 2013 was shaping up to be our best year yet.  We had jobs we liked, we had our house, we had our little boy. Then November hit.  So, it ended up being one of the more challenging years.

I was tempted to not even make resolutions this year.  I know many people never make them, but I like to have goals.  Michael and I actually have a tradition of looking out our resolutions each year and assessing how we did.  So since Michael made some, I decided that I needed to as well.  But I decided that this year I would set monthly resolutions.  I have a few year long ones too.

But here is a summary of last year:

run to 30 weeks pregnant
get back in 5k (at least) shape after the baby is born (maybe run a race in the Fall)
submit and pass my National Board Certification
have a baby
more devotionals
read at least 12 books
take a vacation (even if it's mini) as a family of 3
take Murray to the dog park at least once a month
I feel like I did get back in 5k shape, but I didn't actually run 3.1 miles, so Michael said that doesn't count.  I also completely failed at taking Murray to the dog park.  No excuses on that one!
Here is this year:
January: survive (also, use my new food processor at least twice)
February: no processed food (maybe get crazy and go Paleo)
March: run a 10k (also, turn 30)
April: Celebrate Heath's first birthday and complete my goal of breastfeeding for a year
May: do something to improve the yard
June: vacation as a family
July: 2 date nights
August: read 3 books
September: run a 5k in less than 30 minutes
October: volunteer somewhere
November: make something every week
December: host a cookie exchange party
All year:
183 devotionals
read 12 books total 
We will see how the monthly resolutions go.  I think they seem pretty manageable.  What are some of your resolutions?  How did you do on last years?

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  1. Those are some awesome looking goals! How is the food Processor working for you? If you want good Paleo recipes, Kendra Young (she is one of my friends on facebook she was a dear friend and roommate in college) went Paleo for health reasons. Love you! Keep us updated on your monthly goals!