Friday, April 11, 2014

my 28 year old self apologizes.

I remember last February, when I was about 8 months pregnant, going to Target.  We were looking at the baby stuff and I saw a women sit in the display chair and start breastfeeding her baby.  I was shocked!  I couldn't believe it.  Why wouldn't you just leave or go to your car?  I swore I would never do that!

Well, I'm hear to apologize for my 28 year old self.  She (as in I) didn't know better.  She had never nursed a baby.  She didn't realize how time consuming and life altering it can be.  I still haven't nursed in Target (we life 1/4 of a mile from it, so I can just go home), but I have nursed in several public places.  (doctor's offices, Sonic drive-in, several Panera restaurants, museums, etc)

Recently, a kindergarten teacher and I got into a discussion about nursing in public.  She said that she had nursed in a dressing room before.  I told her that would be a good place, but I didn't mind nursing out in an open place either.  She said, "Yes, but I would." As in, she feels uncomfortable for me to nurse in public.  I was surprised by this, since she was a nursing mom at one point in her life.  But I'm sure it's like many things, you forget what's it's like.  You forget how the baby needs to eat every 2-4 hours.  You forget how if you only wanted to nurse at home, you would be chained to your house.

Now, I'm not suggesting women just hang out exposed... there are ways to be discreet.  But I don't think women should have to cover up either... babies hate that and it's really hot and uncomfortable for both.  Sometimes I pull out the blanket and make a half hearted attempt to cover up, just so people think I tried.

The reason why I (and many others) were/are put off by seeing a woman breastfeed in public, is because it's not a normal siting.  Breastfeeding in public is not an everyday occurrence.  It stands out.  I found a great link a while back to a series of historical pictures of women breastfeeding in public (pre-formula days, when there wasn't a lot of other options).  In those pictures, the people around the women don't seemed to be bothered at all.... it was normal and nothing to write home about.

When I first had Heath, I didn't mind nursing in public, but I was conscious about making others uncomfortable.  I did go to the car or make sure I was completely covered.  I would apologize if I had to feed him at someone's house.  However, that level of concern is hard to sustain for a whole year.  Now I just do what needs to be done.

Now that I have been on this breastfeeding journey for almost a year, Michael and I will probably not even blink an eye when we see someone breastfeeding.  We may think, "Cute baby" or "Good for her." But no shock or discussion about it later.  She's just doing what she needs to take care of her baby.

A friend posted on Facebook that a lady came up to her at a restaurant and congratulated her for breastfeeding her baby.  She asked is it really something to be congratulated?  I'm eating and my baby got hungry, so now I'm feeding her.  It's really not a big deal. I think that's so right... it's really not a big deal!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

eleven months

Less than a month until Heath is 1!!  I can't believe it.  His little personality is really coming to life.  He's saying more and doing more each day.  April is going to fly by! 

At 11 months:
-wears size 3 diapers (although still use cloth mostly)
-wears size 12 month clothes, but can still fit into several 9 month things
-says: mama, dada, dog, door, down, up, stop, bye, hey, ball, etc
-blows kisses
-likes to play with balls and a musical toy
-loves to eat noodles, yogurt, strawberries, cheese, and bread
-still nurses 4-5 times a day
-takes 2 bottles while at daycare
-usually takes 2 naps (one at 10am and the other around 3:30pm)
-goes to bed between 8 and 9pm
-no interest in TV, screen time, etc. (thank goodness!)
-great at crawling
-starting to pull up more
-loves to say "Hey" to people when we are out at stores
-says "Hey" when someone walks in the room or answers the phone
-waves and says "bye-bye" when I get my bags ready in the morning

Weight: 17 lbs (On April 1st), but probably more now

Monday, March 24, 2014

everything comes at once

Does anyone else feel like everything comes at once?  I feel like Michael and I are in a constant cycle of nothing and then everything!

A couple of weeks ago we went to Memphis.  On the way there, we got calls about Michael's mom not doing well (mentally).  The one weekend we planned to be out of town.  Luckily, the assisted living place had things under control, but we still had to go back a day early so that Michael could go down there.  The same weekend, Heath got sick.  He had a terrible cough/cold.  We had to do breathing treatments and everything.  We have been battling with those two things ever since.  Heath was better for a little bit, but then had a fever and was feeling terrible again.  Then we found out that Michael's mom can not stay at her current location.  So, we are currently looking for new places.

I get so overwhelmed by it sometimes.  I actually had to take some time off from work to stay home with Heath, but instead of just getting to spend the time at home taking care of him, I carted him around town to look at assisted living/memory care facilities for Michael's mom.  Talk about feeling like mother of the year.

We are far from having everything settled, but we have some better ideas of what she will need next.  We just hope this place sticks for a while. We feel like every month she completely changes the type of care that she needs.  It's exhausting!!  (So is having a sick baby!)

Heath is finally on the mend, although we are still having to do breathing treatments twice a day.  (He ended up with an ear infection as well!)

Sunday, March 9, 2014

10 months.

We are in the double digit months now!  My sweet baby boy is on his way to 1.  This month saw a lot of progress with his verbal skills, and some slow progress with crawling.  He's starting to see the purpose.

At 10 months:
-says mama, dada, dog, down, thank you (will repeat it), uh-oh, ball
-eating all kinds of foods!
-eats three meals a day (at least a little something)
-still has about 5 milk feedings a day
-basically sleeps through the night (usually wakes up around 5 or 6, but then will eat and go back to sleep for a bit)
-got a cold and upper respiratory inflection and had to do breathing treatments
-started crawling, although it's still mostly a scoot
-talks non-stop (he's the talker in his class...oh no!)
-loves to go places and get attention from others
-9 month clothes
-size 2 diapers (STILL!)
-can not keep socks on for anything
-likes to be sung to (favorites include, "If your happy and you know it," and "The wheels on the bus")

Weight: 16 lbs 10 ounces (according to weight check on 3/7)

My little love is still little.  But he has 5 milk feedings a day and eats until he is full, I think he's just going to be a little guy.  He's so pleasant and his smile will melt your heart.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Well, the day has come and gone.  I am now 30. Yikes!  We spent a nice relaxing weekend at home (for the most part).  Of course, the biggest excitement was going to Memphis the previous weekend.  That was really my birthday celebration.  Michael surprised me with the trip.  We took Friday off from work and left Thursday night.  We drove to my parents' house and spent some time with them.  Then Friday morning we drove to Memphis.

When we got to Memphis, we met up with the Burtons.  It was great!!!  We had a great time seeing some sights and eating great food.  The boys did really well and interacted as much as a 10 month and 20 month old can.  Even even got some hugs at the end.  I can't wait for these two to become great friends!  Maybe they will go to the same college and be roommates some day.  :)

Mysti and I are already trying to plan our next visit to see each other or meet in Memphis again.  It can't come soon enough!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Dr. Seuss Day

Today was Dr. Seuss day at daycare. Since I have set the bar high for myself with Heath's outfits, I knew I had to think of something. I was just going to do a onesie with a birthday hat made if Dr. Seuss fabric.  Then I realized that I had a lot of fabric left over, so I would try my hand at pants! Since the fabric was really thin, I actually lined them with fabric from one of Michael's old undershirts. It was super soft and not too thick. I love the cuffed pants, so when I found a tutorial online, I knew I wanted to try it.  I think they turned out pretty great. The only negative is that I made them a little small, so they didn't work with cloth diapers. So. We went disposable for the day!

This was my first project with my new sewing machine and I LOVE it!! It's so easy. I didn't realize how hard I was working before. I can't wait to make more stuff. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

7-9 month favorites

It was really hard to think of what to put for Heath's 7-9 month favorites.  He likes a lot of the things I have mentioned in the previous months, but he also has some unconventional favorites.  Have you read this post?  It could have been written about Heath. 

He loves pretty much anything that ISN'T a toy.  The exersaucer? No, that's for babies.  The door frame jumper? No, that makes me throw up.  Sophie? No, why not chew on my mommy's finger instead.

So, this is kind of a silly list.  It's the things that Heath really Is interested in on a daily basis.

9 month favs

1. Cord.  Heath goes for any cords.  They are almost worth crawling to... almost.
2. Pens.  He likes to have a pen in each hand, and chew on them.
3. Paper.  Heath likes to grab, tear, and bite paper.
4. Necklaces.  Heath thinks it's fun to pull on my necklaces.  Luckily, I have a Chewbeads Necklace that he can chew on.
5. Remotes.  Remotes and cell phones are starting to lose their novelty, but he's still interested.
6. Dyson. Heath LOVES the vacuum cleaner.  It could almost be his babysitter. He pulls in back and forth.
7. Nail clippers.  No, not to cut nails... to chew on.  He will even chew on the metal part.  Ouch!
8. Belts.  He loves any leather straps.  Belts, purse straps, etc.  He just likes to hold them.  Silly boy.

While he does play with some of his toys, these are the things that seem to catch his eye more often! Let's hope he grows out of it.